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There’s a lot of truth in the old saying “you get what you pay for.” The harsh reality is that some businesses don’t take pride in the quality of their products, focusing instead on their bottom line. In such cases, the marketing strategy can become “who can sell it the cheapest?” And there are many ways to cut corners on the cost of building materials – like the quality of the building design, framing, garage doors, entrance doors, windows and insulation. Some of these can't be seen before you make a buying decision. 

At Space Age Structures, having provided services in our industry since 1996, we recognize the simple truth is it doesn't matter how cheap you make it if you have to rebuild it next summer. A dedicated craft room, gym, or carport isn't so useful with a leaking roof, a wind torn panel, or a garage door that won't close. Though there are certainly options to customize the pricing of your project, we wouldn't sell you a product we didn't believe in. From the onset of our work with you, you'll see the skill of the installers as the building is erected and you can even inspect a building that has been recently built by us. The quality and strength of the building will be seen as the years go by. 

Space Age Structures will never be the cheapest building, but we have an excellent and lasting reputation for building the best structures and providing excellent service at a very affordable price. Call us today for a free quote and on-site analysis of your property. No high pressure tactics and no bull.

Tom Mantor
Founder and Owner of Space Age Structures

Proudly serving Jacksonville, Orange Park, St Augustine, Palatka, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Gainesville, Callahan, Starke, Lake City and the Northeast Florida area since 1996 years with the highest quality steel buildings, garages and carports.

Buyer Beware & Builder Warranty

Listed below are some of the pitfalls we have seen take place in the metal building business. Regardless of who you buy your building from, the information below can make you aware of what to look out for and save you money and aggravation.

Get a Set of Engineering Drawings from your Building Supplier

Problem: Some customers choose to permit their buildings; some don’t. Regardless, the building needs to be built to code. When your concrete contractor learns there will be no inspection, he is not going to go to the expense of putting in a big footer with rebar. If the concrete work is not done to the specifications of the engineering drawings and the county finds out no permit was pulled, you may have to take the building down. If it’s done to code the building can usually be permitted although you will pay a penalty for not permitting it up front.

Some metal building suppliers sell buildings that are not certified or are defined as an “agricultural building”. What this means is the building does not meet the wind codes and cannot be permitted. Again, if the county finds out about the building it has to be taken down.

Solution: Space Age Structures plans for the state we're in. We have built buildings in West Palm Beach where wind codes are in excess of 150 MPH! We meet or exceed all building codes and our engineer drawings are approved in all local counties, including Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, Flagler and Putnam.

Concrete Work

Problem: First – have an agreement as to the mix the concrete slab will be poured with. We recommend 3,000 PSI with a fiber mix that helps prevent cracks. When the concrete truck comes to your site, check with the driver to verify that the mix is what you agreed to. It’s an easy way for a dishonest concrete man to make a couple of hundred more dollars by using a cheaper mix or leaving out the fiber.

Second – get a release of lien from the concrete company before you pay for the concrete work. It is probable you will get a notice of lien from the concrete supplier several days after the concrete is poured informing you that you are responsible for the concrete bill if the concrete man does not pay it.

Solution: Space Age Structures ensures quality material (see our recommendation above) and as your one stop shop will take the headache out of you having to deal with multiple contractors. Let us own ensuring a great foundation to your new project. 

Building Warranty / Repairs

Problem: If the building panels are run sideways instead of vertical, the roof is much more likely to leak. It’s very hard to determine where the leak is coming from especially if the roof is insulated. The cheaper doors often shift and will not close or open properly. If your installers live hundreds of miles away, what are your chances of ever getting these repairs fixed in a timely manner, or if at all?

Solution: Space Age Structures offers an intuitive solution. Check it out!

******** Building Panel Warranty ******** VERY IMPORTANT

Problem: The one warranty that is by far the most important is the warranty on the painted steel panels. There is a huge difference in the quality of the paint system on the panels. Panels that have a cheap paint system such as powder coat or polyester paint will fade and lose their luster. Our largest competitor has NO WARRANTY on their painted panels. Another competitor offers a 40 year warranty, but the catch is it’s a “rust through” warranty. This means the panel has to rust until there’s a hole in it before the warranty applies. Other warranties are prorated or don’t include labor. Space Age Structures purchases a resin based painted panel that will keep its luster and will have very minimal fade. The warranty is a 40 year warranty to repair or replace, including labor.

Solution: Space Age Structures has been honoring it's Warranty agreements since 1996. With quality materials and a quality focused crew, you shouldn't have to worry that your new investment will leak or blow over come the summer rains. Check out of Warranty offer

Company Stability

Problem: Our two biggest competitors over the last 5 years offered great warranties. Now they’re out of business and their customers are left with no warranty and no recourse.

Solution: Space Age Structures has been locally owned and operated since 1996 and will be here to honor our commitments to our customers.

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The above pitfals are a reality. Help avoid these by engaging with Space Age Structures, who will work to ensure a quality, lasting product from dream to fruition. Contact Space Age Structures, today. 

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