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 Our industrial roofing and steel buildings for home owners are made of the highest quality steel construction. Whether you need your footprint de-treed with a concrete slab, or you're prepped for your new building, Space Age Structures can help you actualize your vision. Check out our metal roofing system examples by reviewing our photo gallery.
Learn more about steel metal buildings and why you can depend on us as your quality choice. Also, review the many Features & Benefits Space Age Construction has to offer. Ready for your new upgrade? Contact us, today. 

Space Age Structures' Vertical Metal Roof Design

Space Age Structures uses the Vertical Roof Design for all of our buildings. In this metal roofing system, the ridges on the metal roof run up and down. This keeps water and debris from standing on the metal roof. 

Additionally, there is an air-tight boxed eave on all 4 sides of our buildings. This protects doors and windows from water run-off and makes the building much more attractive. One more quality detail Space Age Structures ensures to provide a quality, aesthetic, and lasting metal roofing system for your project. 

Vertical Roof Design
Competitor's Roof Run Sideways

Competitor’s Roofs Run Sideways

This picture shows a competitor’s building with the metal panels running sideways. Look at the debris on the metal roof. This will cause the metal roofing system to hold water and rust. In comparison and review, our industrial roofing solution seems intuitive, and it is; but you'd be surprised how often you'll see horizontal debris catchers. The difference is night and day. Choose the Space Age Structures way!

26 Gauge Galvalume Painted Roof Panels

Space Age Structures offers “Tuff Rib” Galvalume (painted) 26 gauge roof panels. The paint coating system is critical to the longevity and appearance of the panel. Space Age offers panels coated with Kynar 50 resin-based paint. This high performance fluoropolymer resin has the extraordinary capability to retain color and gloss.

Kynar paint defies Florida’s blistering sun and humidity and keeps painted metal vibrant and appealing. Available in 25 colors – 40 year warranty against rust and minimum fade. Most of the industry uses polyester or powder coat paint on their panels because they are much cheaper. Look at the amount of fade and chalking on this competitor’s panel.

No other competitor in the Jacksonville and North Florida area will provide you with the highest quality steel buildings at down to earth prices. Contact Us today!

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