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Space Age Structures Does It All: Structural Analysis, Concrete Slabs, and More!

Space Age Structures is your one stop shop for a myriad of services; no need to deal with several different companies. Some of these include permitting, tree removal, site preparation, fill dirt, compaction, concrete slabs or pads, driveways, sidewalks, aprons, building fabrication, building installation, roof and building insulation, garage door installation, door openers, storage lofts, gutters, and more!

We serve the Jacksonville and North Florida area and the surrounding counties of Duval, St Johns, Clay and Nassau. Cities served include Orange Park, St Augustine, Palatka, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Gainesville, Callahan, Starke and Lake City. Not sure if we service your area? Contact us today to find out. 

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Experienced Licensed and Insured Installers

We hear nothing but compliments about our installation crew. They are simply the very best. We are an approved contractor for Duval County Schools, JEA, NAS Jax and Florida National Guard. To work on these government bases our workers are subject to a thorough background check. We will gladly provide workers comp and proof of insurance.

Licensed and Insured

Limited Warranty*

Space Age Structures has a lifetime warranty on their enclosed building frames. The steel panel warranty is the critical warranty on the structure as it has to stand up to the sun and humidity of Florida. We offer a 40 year warranty on our Kynar painted steel panels. It’s very important to understand what this 40 year warranty covers. The panels are warranted not to rust and to have only a minimum amount of fade for 40 years. This warranty covers material and labor. It is not prorated. It is backed by a local company that is very stable and has a perfect record with the BBB for 16 years.

*Limited warranty means that the warranty is limited to defects in the product or the installation. It does not cover damage from acts of nature such as tree limbs falling or hurricanes. Panels are not warranted against salt water.

Building Site & Structual Analysis

We come to you and evaluate your job site. We stake out the building site and determine if you’re within proper setbacks. We will check access for concrete trucks. Do you need fill dirt? How much? Space Age Structures can give you an accurate cost estimate and give you a “heads up” on potential problems we see.

Vertical Metal Roof Design

The roof panels run up and down preventing water and leaves from standing on the roof. Visit our 'Space Age Advantage' page for more details. 

Boxed Eave Design

Overhang on all 4 sides of the building. This keeps water from running down the side of the building and causing leaks at the doors and windows. The boxed eave makes the building more attractive and gives you the option of choosing different colored panels for the roof and building (i.e. – charcoal roof with white box trim and gray building panels).

Concrete Slabs by our Concrete Specialists

Our structural analysts and concrete specialists pour our slabs with 3,000 P.S.I. concrete with fiber. All concrete slabs have a 12″ x 12″ footer that contains (two) #5 rebar that run the entire perimeter of the building. We take special care to get the best possible compaction on the foundation and always use a vapor barrier. We score all our concrete to help prevent ugly cracks.

Base Rail Attachment

Our base rail runs the entire perimeter of the building and is anchored using 1/2″ steel bolts drilled into the 12″ x 12″ footer every 5′. The pull-out strength is 7,450 lbs. per bolt. The base rail gives us a steel member at the base of the foundation to attach the bottom panel to for a tight seal. Because we pour our concrete slab perfectly square, we can run the bottom panel past the edge of the concrete. This will keep rain from running into your building from under the base rail.

Premium Quality Steel Framing

Space Age Structures uses a high strength framing steel. It tests 70% stronger than what many of our competitors use. The 5 coat process keeps the steel from rusting or discoloring (see additional information by clicking on METAL BUILDINGS 101). We stock several gauges of steel including 7 gauge (1/4″ thick) and 10 gauge for headers and other applications that require heavy framing.

Mig-Welded Trusses

Our trusses are mig-welded. The mig weld makes a connection that is much stronger than our competitors that “punch bend” their steel tubing or use plates and screws to put their trusses together.

Premium Painted Roof Panels

Space Age Structures uses only 26 gauge Galvalume roof panels that are painted with the Kynar resin based paints. These panels will not fade or lose the luster like panels that are painted using powder coat or polyester paint (see additional information by clicking on METAL BUILDINGS 101 tab). Also, our trim is painted with Kynar and “hemmed” (folded over on edges) to make it stronger and to eliminate any sharp edges.

Custom Sizes

Because we do all of our own fabrication, custom sizes are no problem for us. If you can dream it up, it’s likely we can build it.

Garage Doors and Windows

We use top quality doors that meet or exceed the wind codes. You have a choice of sectional style doors or premium roll up doors with chain operators and wind locks. Several colors to choose from. We also install commercially rated garage door openers. Our windows are 36″ x 36″. They are high quality double pane windows with a screen and secure locks.

Steel Entrance Doors

Our entrance doors are all steel with a panel design that matches our sectional garage doors.

Roof and Wall Insulation

Space Age Structures uses 3/4″ thick 4′ x 8′ rigid chrome board panels for roof and wall insulation. These insulation panels make a tremendous difference in the inside temperature of an enclosed building. They are very attractive and will never sag. The chrome finish also provides excellent reflection for your lighting. Space Age Structures offers premium continuous run 6″ gutters with gutter guard.

Building Codes / Wind Codes

We meet or exceed all building codes and our engineer drawings are approved in all local counties, including Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, Flagler and Putnam. We have built buildings in West Palm Beach where wind codes are in excess of 150 MPH.

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