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Most people don't make steel buildings for a living. To that end, this section is a valuable tool to help offer insight to you, the buyer, about steel products used in our industry and help you make an informed decision. While you can depnd on us for reasonable and quality focused solution strategies, it's good to know what you're getting into.

Space Age Structures uses Allied Tube’s “Flo-Coat” Steel Tubing. ”Flo-Coat” is made in America by using a state of the art process (see below):

Pre Galvanized Tube

The Flo-Coat/Gatorshield delivers excellent results when compared with alternative products. For more information about the Flo-Coat Process click here.

For insight into our materials in creating your structual steel metal building, click here.

More than Double the Performance vs. PreGalvanized Tube:

Allied's Flo-Coat galvanized steel tubing provides outstanding corrosion protection because of the synergism created between the three coatings. The conversion coating passivates the zinc to slow down the white rust growth process, and the clear topcoat then "seals in" the protection.

Protect Your Investement!

Pregalvanized products do not provide this "sealed" protection. On the inside of Allied's Flo-Coat galvanized steel tubing a corrosion-resistant zink based coating is applied after the tube is welded, and completely covers the interior. When pre-galvanized steel is formed and welded, the inside weld area is left bare - unprotected since the interior cannot be re-metalized. The exposed metal is immediately left to be attacked by all corrosive elements. The exterior of the weld is re-metalized, but it is far more susceptible to corrosion than Allied's Flo-Coat galvanized steel tubing. 

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